Financial Placement 2018: What are the Best Investments?


Like many French people, are you looking for solutions to make your capital grow in 2019? However, there are so many investments that you feel a little lost? You do not know how to choose to opt for the most interesting investments? To have the best financial investment 2019, read on!


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  • 1 Bank financial investment
  • 2 Real estate: a safe bet in 2019
  • 3 Some other investments


Bank financial investment


Bank financial investment


 First and foremost, regardless of the type of investment you are about to make, you need to take the time to prepare it carefully by thinking about what you can do to put the risk of investing in it. ready to take …

It is with his banking establishment that one turns first to place his money. Indeed, your bank can offer you different investments depending on your budget and your expectations to make your money grow.

The principle is to deposit on an investment product a sum on a regular basis to make your money grow thanks to interest rates. According to your expectations, several possibilities can be envisaged. Thus, the book A or the LDD report little but allow you to recover your money as soon as you wish.

If you want to save in order to make a contribution for a real estate purchase, then the ELP is the best investment.

Finally, there is also the life insurance which, as you explain Business without mistakes , has the advantage of having an interesting rate of return but also to offer you the possibility of tax exemption thanks to a low tax rate on gains and heirs do not have to pay inheritance tax. And, it is possible to grow even more money if you deposit some on a background in euros that is safe and part on multi-media like the stock market where there is more risk but the income is also more interesting.


Real estate: a safe bet in 2019


Real estate: a safe bet in 2019


Placing your money in real estate in 2019 is still seen as a safe bet. It is a financial investment that the French appreciate. Buying a home for rent is the most traditional form of real estate investment. The State has also developed schemes to promote this type of investment, but with new housing such as the Pinel law with bare rented apartments and the Censi Bouvard law for furnished apartments. They allow you to benefit from an advantageous tax system and to build up your real estate assets.

In addition to buying a home, real estate also allows you to make a financial investment in other products such as parking or a garage, which is cheaper to buy. They are therefore accessible to everyone and have the advantage of being quickly profitable.

Some other investments


Some other investments


In addition to these classic financial investments, there are more specific ones. Thus, investing in woods and forests allows you to generate recurring income and benefit from an income tax deduction of 18%.

Investments in art and wine are also good ways to generate income and lower your wealth.

Finally, a financial investment whose success continues to grow in recent years is crowdfunding. This gives you the opportunity to invest in real estate projects, in SMEs seeking funds for their development or to grant loans to individuals. If investing money in this type of investment is risky, it is also the investment that pays the most.


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